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Update on Colleague UI Issues
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 11 September 2015 05:26 PM

IT staff have made adjustments to the Colleague system to minimize/prevent additional system issues. We are continuing to monitor the system and have an open ticket in with Ellucian.

If you are encountering additional issues, please place an ITicket through the Help Desk (,, 219.464.5678).

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Problems with Colleague UI
Posted by Brandon Morrison on 10 September 2015 11:59 AM


IT staff are aware of an issue with the Colleague UI interface that is affecting logins and some lookup functionality. This problem affects anyone who uses the UI interface, but does not affect DataVU or any background processes. We have performed as much troubleshooting on our end as possible, and have escalated the issue to Ellucian. We do not currently have an ETA for when the problem will be resolved, but we will send an update later today to keep you informed about the status of the situation.

If you are encountering issues different from those described in this message, please place an ITicket through the Help Desk (,, 219.464.5678).

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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IT ALERT - “Important” Phishing Scam
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 09 September 2015 02:46 PM

Don't Get "Phished"

IT has received a large number of reports about a phishing scam circulating on campus asking you to click a link. A message with the subject line "Fw: important" contains a one-line message stating "Important message" with a link that varies from one message to the next. DO NOT click on the link. DO NOT provide information about your account, especially via an online form.

If you have accidentally provided your login information as the result of this type of message, change your ValpoNet password immediately. Login to the Account Management System (AMS) and select the "Change Password" option. On the IT website, the Quick Links section on the left contains a link for the AMS.

Protect others from falling victim by reporting the message as "phishing" within Gmail so that it is filtered out of others' inboxes. While viewing the message, click the down-pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the message, and select the "Report phishing" option.

Not sure if a message is legitimate?

Always contact the IT Help Desk (,, or 219.464.5986) if you receive a message and are unsure of its validity. Valpo IT staff will NEVER ask for your password, or ask you to verify your account in this manner.

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Help Desk Reports: Printing, Wireless, Computer Performance
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 24 August 2015 02:14 PM

The Help Desk has been very busy today with many people contacting us to request assistance on a variety of topics.

1. We are aware of an issue with network printing on campus today. IT staff are investigating to determine what is going on. We will post updates as they are available.

2. We had many reports earlier in the day of people experiencing slow performance on their VU-tagged computers. This is due to Windows Updates and other updates being pushed out to campus computers through our SCCM system. Please allow the updates to complete, and afterward you should experience an improvement in speed and performance.

3. We have also had multiple reports from people experiencing difficulty in connecting to the new VU-Wifi network. There is not a global issue going on; each situation is slightly different. Please first try rebooting your device and reconnecting to the network to see if your connection issue is resolved. This step seems to be helping some individuals.

If you continue to experience with any of the above topics, please make sure you are reporting all issues through the Help Desk. The fastest way to initiate an ITicket is to login and enter a ticket at Additionally, you can email or call 219.464.5678.

We will post any updates as they are available. We appreciate your patience during this very busy time of year.

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Access Campus Wifi in Six Easy Steps
Posted by Brandon Morrison on 19 August 2015 12:01 PM

As we shared in May, IT implemented a new secure wirelessnetwork on campus; work continues on configuring this network. Follow these steps to connect any device to the new network.

  • First, connect to the “VU-WiFi” network and open a web browser. (Apple users, make sure to use Safari.)
  • Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), then click Start.
  • The registration page enrollment options allow you to select Valpo Student/Faculty/Staff or Guest. Make the appropriate selection, and then login with your ValpoNet credentials.
  • Most users and devices will use the VU-Secure network. Follow the instructions to install the necessary security certificate.
  • If you have a device without a web browser, such as a gaming console, select the “MAC Self-Registration” option to enroll in the “VU-Media” network. A Google search should provide instructions on getting the correct information for your specific system.
  • Re-enrollment will be required annually for all users to ensure the security of the network.

After finishing, restart your device and you will be connected to the “VU-Secure” network. Your device should remember the network and automatically reconnect.

The “ValpoGuest” network has been removed. Guests should use the new guest option in the “VU-WiFi” network.

If you have trouble logging in or installing the security certificate, please contact the Help Desk (,, 219.464.5678) to report the problem. The Help Desk will be open during move-in weekend to assist with connectivity and login issues. Help Desk staff will ask you for helpful troubleshooting details, such as:

  • Device Make & Model, OS & Version,
  • Wireless Carrier,
  • Network SSID (name), and
  • Specific error messages received, and at what point in the process.

Anyone experiencing difficulties connecting should use the existing “valpo” network until your issue is resolved. This network will remain available for the next several months while we ramp up the new network. 

For additional questions about Valpo’s secure wireless network, check this FAQ in our ITicket system:

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