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Issues with Colleague search functions
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 25 April 2016 10:27 AM

IT staff are aware of a current issue affecting the Colleague system. Users can login to the system but the ability to search for data associated with individual records is impacted. Some departments may receive requests from users asking them to lookup or modify data that cannot be fulfilled as a result of this issue. Please advise these individuals that IT is working on the problem.

Normal background processes and services are still running. Also, DataVU does not seem to be impacted at this time. Individuals should be able to lookup their information on the appropriate menus.

We have placed a critical call with ellucian for assistance, but do not have an ETA for when the problem will be resolved. We will post updates as soon as we are able, and if the problem appears to have a bigger impact than we are aware, we will expand our communication to include all of campus.

Thank you for your patience, and please let us know of any feedback or additional issues you are experiencing.


UPDATE 11:35am:

We have discovered the problem is larger than we originally thought, and the fix requires us to restart the system immediately. Colleague may be unavailable for several hours while we perform the necessary fix. DataVU will also be impacted, and access may be limited or unavailable.

Anyone currently logged in to Colleague or DataVU should logout right away; we will disable future logins until the problem is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience but appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to restore Colleague to full functionality.


UPDATE #2 2:45pm:

IT staff are pleased to share that work on restoring Colleague system functionality has progressed well and the system is once again available for everyone on campus to use. You are welcome to login to Colleague at this time, as well as DataVU.

Colleague users: you may notice that the contextual header information at the top of each screen (with certain record details) is not yet available for all records. We continue to work on gradually restoring this information. We apologize for any inconvenience you experience as a result of this information temporarily being missing on some records.

If you experience any other issues in accessing information or using the system, please initiate an ITicket through the Help Desk so IT staff can investigate.

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Update on H: & S: drive issues
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 25 April 2016 10:26 AM

Connection issues with network storage drives (H:, S:) as well as other departmental storage systems (including EMAS, Ruby, IMC media storage, etc.) were resolved on Saturday morning. IT staff were able to successfully restart the network storage servers during the overnight maintenance period. This includes connections through your computer’s native file browser such as Windows Explorer, mounted drives on a Mac using Finder, or a web browser via Webstorage.

If you are still experiencing issues accessing your files, first try restarting your computer and logging back into the system. If the problem persists, contact the Help Desk and initiate an ITicket so that IT staff can investigate.


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Network Issues with H and S Drive
Posted by Brandon Morrison on 22 April 2016 10:33 AM


  We are aware of issues on the network concerning the H: and S: drive.  We will post more information soon in regards to this outage.

Best Regards,

Brandon Morrison
Manager of Help Desk Services

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Update: Active Directory Login Issues
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 20 January 2016 10:22 AM

The sync issues between the AMS and our Active Directory system should be resolved at this time. There may be some individuals on campus who were affected by the issue; these people may experience the inability to login to network accounts while other logins work fine. To fix the issue, change your password with the AMS and this will force a re-sync among your accounts.

If you have changed your password and are still unable to login, please login in the upper left and begin an ITicket so our staff can follow up. You may also contact the Help Desk via email at or via phone at 219.464.5678.

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Logging into Active Directory
Posted by Brandon Morrison on 04 January 2016 03:46 PM

If you are experiencing problems logging into the Active Directory system on campus computers (including labs and classrooms), please log into the Account Management System at and change your password.

If you have changed your password and continue to encounter login issues, please place an ITicket with the Help Desk:,, 219.464.5678.

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