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DataVU Issue with Pay Advices
Posted by Brandon Morrison on 09 November 2016 09:38 AM

We are aware of an issue in DataVU with pay advices not working properly for the most recent pay period. IT staff are investigating.

If you are also experiencing this problem, please notify the Help Desk so we know how widespread the issue is.

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Blackboard Learn Service Interruption
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 07 November 2016 11:04 AM

We experienced a short-lived interruption on the Blackboard Learn system. Some people were unable to login to the system, and others experienced notification issues similar to the ones we've recently seen. IT staff are monitoring the situation to watch for a recurrence.

If you are experiencing similar symptoms, please contact the Help Desk to enter an ITicket.

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Blackboard Learn Notifications
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 27 October 2016 11:21 AM


The system was restarted this morning and resolved all the notification issues.

If you are experiencing any problems, please contact the Help Desk so our staff can investigate.



UPDATE - 7 p.m.

The Blackboard Learn system will be restarted at 5 a.m. on Friday morning in order to resolve the notification issues on the system. It should be unavailable for only a short time and will be back up well before morning classes begin.

If you have problems logging into the system after the system is back up and running, please contact the Help Desk.



UPDATE - 4 p.m.

IT staff have been able to replicate the problem with notifications on the Blackboard Learn system in our test environment, and were able to successfully test a solution to resolve the problem. Stay tuned for further updates.



IT has received reports of Blackboard Learn notifications not working correctly. We have opened a ticket with Blackboard for assistance in resolving the problem.

VITAL staff are also aware of the issue.

If you are affected by this problem, please enter an ITicket via the Help Desk so we can track how widespread the problem is.

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Server Maintenance Update
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 22 October 2016 09:15 AM

UPDATE: The maintenance work on the network storage servers is now complete and the H: & S: drives are available for regular use.

If you experience any issues in accessing H: or S:, or notice any problems with your files, contact the Help Desk to start an ITicket.



IT staff performed necessary maintenance on the network storage servers that house the H: & S: drives beginning last night at 7 p.m. We expected that the work would be completed within a 12 hour window.

Our estimates were incorrect. The maintenance work on the network storage servers is not yet finished, and the H: & S: drives are currently still inaccessible. Some of the maintenance processes are still running and due to their nature, we are unable to estimate how much longer they will take.

We will send communication to campus when the work is completed to let you know when the system is fully functional again.

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Are you #CyberAware?
Posted by Rebecca Klein on 05 October 2016 04:24 PM

IT is excited to begin our annual observation of cyber security awareness. This week’s theme is STOP. THINK. CONNECT.: The Basic Steps to Online Safety and Security and focuses on common, proactive steps you can take at home and on campus. Here are a few simple things to do.

  1. Take the Crusader Cyber Citizen Pledge! Visit our table in the Harre Union Chapel View Lounge every day this week between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. to sign the pledge in person and receive a gift for signing. Can’t make it? Visit to sign online.
  2. “Like” our Facebook page ( and follow us on Twitter ( to get daily security tips. Join the conversation by commenting, retweeting, and using the #CyberAware hashtag.
  3. Visit the IT website at for daily updates including various resources like security newsletters, humorous graphics, a downloadable desktop image, and more!

Want to do more? Request a customized cyber security workshop for your department or organization. Contact Becky Klein to make your request.

“We need to make the internet a safer place for all of us. Online safety is the goal and that is more than a one month effort. But this month, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, is a good time to start.” -Steve Schwartz, former Executive Vice President, Identity Guard

Got questions?
Contact us through social media or the Help Desk so we can partner with you.,, 219.464.5678

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